NUTRIDROP Water soluble fertilizers


Water soluble fertilizers




NUTRIDROP® 12.61: precise formula for optimal nutrition

NUTRIDROP® 12.61 is a high quality water soluble mono ammonium phosphate suitable for fertigation and foliar application.

NUTRIDROP® 12.61 is highly soluble in water and provides the plant with optimal rates of nutrients during all growth cycles.

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NUTRIDROP® 12.61 : Consumers at the heart of all what we do

NUTRIDROP® 12.61 is the story of a unique collaboration between OCP and farmers as NUTRIDROP® brand has been co designed by farmers to meet their aspirations and needs. As a result, NUTRIDROP® has rapidly become the preferred water soluble fertilizer brand in Morocco and beyond.



Crystal white and free flowing, NUTRIDROP® 12.61 is well suited to :

  • vegetables, fruits and flowers in fertigated lands, greenhouses, open fields and orchards,
  • all fertigation systems (micro irrigation, sprinklers...) as well as foliar use,
  • hydroponics and aquaponics.

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NUTRIDROP® 12.61 role throughout the plant growth stages
NUTRIDROP® 12.61 : effective fertigation drop by drop

NUTRIDROP® 12.61 : effective fertigation drop by drop

By providing the plant the exact amount of P needed in each growing stage of the plant, NUTRIDROP®12.61 helps optimizing the plant nutrient supply while increasing yields by providing the right source of nutrient, at the right time and place, at the right dose.

NUTRIDROP® team will be delighted to answer your queries

NUTRIDROP® team will be delighted to answer your queries

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