Khouribga: Merah El Ahrach's Analysis Laboratory Keeps Pace

Analysis Laboratory


In accordance with the Business Continuity Plan deployed by the OCP Group during this crisis, the production sites maintain their production rate in order to successfully supply the Group's customers worldwide.

The Khouribga laboratory of chemical analysis of the laundry Merah El Ahrach (MEA) is no exception to the rule. The laboratory’s teams normally carry out their daily missions while taking into account all COVID-19 preventive measures. “Despite the context of the health crisis, we remain committed to carrying out our various missions while working in full compliance with the health guidelines shared by the Group's medical teams, "said Youness Jannani, Chemist in the analysis laboratory.

The laboratory made its arrangements for normal performance and perfect continuity of its activities for the benefit of the laundromat in Merah El Ahrach. According to Youness Jannani, the COVID-19 pandemic in no way hampers the work carried out in the laboratory. "Analyses are carried out per usual, at the same rate and with the same procedures," said the laboratory assistant.


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