OCP engineers at Jorf Lasfar produce hydro alcoholic gel

Gel hydroalcoolique


Among the actions carried out in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, Jorf Lasfar's OCP teams have started producing hydro alcoholic gel. This product, recommended by the WHO for hand disinfection in order to limit contamination by the virus, is now available, firstly, on our industrial sites for collaborators who ensure business continuity.

This product is the result of a partnership between the Group's medical teams, researchers from the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Benguéric and production teams at OCP Jorf Lasfar.

"It is a hand sanitizer. Its composition and use are those recommended by the WHO as part of hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, "explains Smail El Youbi, volunteer for the Act4Community program.

The product has obtained the approval and conformity of the Ministry of Health, which also issued the production authorization. The pilot production unit has a daily capacity of 300 liters, which will soon reach 800 liters.

Initially, this hydro alcoholic gel is reserved for all collaborators and subcontractors in activity and can be used for the disinfection of hands, but also of work tools, such as computer keyboards or telephones. Thereafter, the production of hydro alcoholic gel will increase order to supply the health authorities for the needs of regional hospitals.


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