Echoes of Phosfeed at Dawajine Salon

The Poultry Fair, supported by OCP Group and which ended on December 6th in Casablanca, was an opportunity for the Group to promote its brand of nutritional supplements for animal feed. A task carried out by the specialty products department and the local market sales team, and mainly at their dedicated stand.

Phosfeed ®, marketed since 2013 - this year in small bags and in bulk, is enriched in phosphorus and calcium, and certified GMP +, HACCP and ISO 22000.

Dawajine 2018 has been supported by OCP as a sponsor. ThiEchoes of Phosfeed at Dawajine Salons great gathering of Moroccan poultry farmers was also an opportunity for the Group to reiterate its commitment to the modernization and development of the national poultry sector.

This 21st edition was held under the theme: "Poultry farming, a lever for food security in Africa", with a goal of  reflecting the issues of the sector, such as the need to create ecosystems in African countries.


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