Incubation program launches at UM6P: U-Founders

Polytechnic University U-Founders


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University announces the launch of a startup support program titled "U-Founders". This program aims to support and promote a global community of visionary researchers and entrepreneurs, who are engaged in the development of the African continent.

U-Founders’ mission is to fulfill three key objectives: to contribute to the emergence of innovative startups in all types of fields, to spread the entrepreneurial spirit and to valorize the research work carried out within Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

U-Founders deploys awareness modules around entrepreneurship and innovation and pre-incubation and incubation programs for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs belonging to the university’s ecosystem. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University provides the beneficiaries of the U-Founders incubation programs with access to infrastructures such as the Fablab, the experimental mine, the experimental factory, the experimental farm or the Green Energy Park for the development of new solutions

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University puts research, innovation and entrepreneurship at the center of its contribution to the development of the African continent, as declared by its Secretary General, Mr. Hicham El Habti: “We empower our students and researchers to become leaders and lifelong learners capable of solving Africa’s most pressing challenges. We also actively support them in turning their entrepreneurial ideas into reality and in creating an enduring positive impact that extends beyond the borders of our continent.”

The U-Founders programs revolve around two themes: "Deep Tech", bringing together projects and breakthrough innovations in sectors related to the research agenda of the UM6P; and “Shallow Tech”, grouping projects whose economic model is based on widely available technologies.


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