About us

Discover more about OCP

Founded in 1920 to mine phosphate in Morocco, our operations now span the entire cycle of plant nutrition.


What is phosphate?

Find out about phosphate rock, phosphorous and the essential role it plays in all plant growth.

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Our history

From a single mine in 1920, to advanced industrial operations throughout Morocco and a presence on five continents. Discover OCP’s history.

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Group, partners and operations

See how the OCP Group works, from mining and fertilizers to research and development. Find out about our global partnerships and our industrial operations in Morocco.

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Our board, governance and policies

Here’s how governance and strategic leadership is structured at OCP, and how it helps us achieve our goals.

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Our sustainability approach

Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make. From transforming our processes to developing ways to do more with less, see how our approach helps us create a sustainable future for everyone.

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