Our history

More than a century of mining in Morocco

Since our creation more than a century ago, we’ve grown from a single operation to the world’s leading exporter of phosphate-based products.

A journey of positive impact 


OCP was founded in Morocco in 1920 as the Office Chérifien des Phosphates. We started with a single mine at Khouribga. Our operations now span five continents, and we work throughout the value chain, from mining and manufacturing to education and community development.

OCP began phosphate production in March 1921 in Khouribga, with exports via the port at Casablanca later that year. A second mine opened in Youssoufia in 1931, and a third in Benguerir in 1976. The company also diversified into phosphate processing, opening chemical facilities in Safi (1965) and Jorf Lasfar (1984).

In 2008, the company became the OCP Group S.A., owned by the Moroccan Government and the Banque Populaire du Maroc. Our continued success has depended on relationships with our community, a commitment to lessening our impact on our precious environment, and the opportunity to partner with innovative local businesses.

OCP history through the years
A brief history of OCP

Our people shaped our history


Our people have been a catalyst for growth in Morocco. As the country's largest employer, we have been able to channel the extraordinary talents of thousands of people to build universities and green cities, create jobs, and implement farming and community outreach programs throughout the country. These programs have allowed us to share our prosperity with the communities we live and work alongside.

Our biggest asset is not phosphate, but our people.

Dr. Mostafa Terrab ,

Sultan Moulay Youssef's visit to the mining center of Khouribga in 1923


OCP today, and in the future 


With sole access to more than 70% of the world's phosphate reserves, OCP takes its role as custodian seriously. We are a state-owned company which adheres to international standards, driven by long-term performance. With our legacy of growth and delivering value, we always challenge ourselves to go further and do better – working to create a sustainable future for both our mining operations and our communities.

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