Celebrating 100 years of OCP

From a single mine to global reach

We’ve transformed a lot in the last 100 years. Our centenary is a chance to celebrate how far we’ve come, and focus on the positive impact we continue to have around the world.

We started in 1920 with a single phosphate mine – and we’ve grown into a global business of over 20,000 people, each one of us focused on creating a more sustainable future for business, community, and environment.

Our operations have expanded to include a network of mines across Morocco, and some of the most advanced processing and manufacturing plants in the world. We’ve developed customized fertilizers that will play an essential role in ensuring the planet can feed its growing population, and we continue to work with communities and international partners on social development, research and education.

The next decade will see us open manufacturing plants in other countries. And we’ll grow our research and development activities, including our solar research center that already holds multiple global patents.

Commissioning of the "railway phosphates"

Sustainability is everything

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do – and it’s defining how our company will transform over the next decades. We are already making progress. Each year, we use and generate more clean energy, switch more of our operations to non-conventional water sources, and reduce our carbon emissions. And we’re determined to achieve all of this while increasing our product output.


Investing in the future

We are investing more time and resources to supporting the communities around us. We continue to found schools and skills centers and invest in our Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), among many other programs including the 1337 coding schools.

We can only achieve our vision by working with other leading organizations around the world. We continue to partner with non-governmental organizations, technology providers, stakeholders and research institutes to achieve and share knowledge for a more sustainable future.

As we turn 100, we are more ambitious than ever. Explore our strategy to see how we’re making these ambitions a reality.

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