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Tailored phosphate products

With a century of history and expertise, OCP is a world leader in customized plant nutrition solutions for farms and industrial businesses.


Our customization process

Innovative plant nutrition is vital to global food security. By raising awareness of customized fertilizer application and helping farmers adopt efficient practices, we believe we can increase yields in a way that works with the planet, not against it.

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Raw materials

We produce rock phosphate and phosphoric acid for tailor-made agricultural products and industrial applications.

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We use our rock phosphate and phosphoric acid as a base for industry-leading standard fertilizers, fortified fertilizers, and soluble fertilizers.

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Animal feed additives

Animal feed additives

We offer a full range of phosphate-based animal feed additives for cattle, and ruminants, as well as for chicken, pig, and aquaculture farms. Our certified PHOSFEED® products are highly digestible feed and ensure balanced growth in animals by enriching their diet with essential nutrients.

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