Our customization process

An innovative approach for precision and efficiency

We help farmers understand exactly what their soil needs – then we produce customized fertilizer to deliver exactly the right nutrients.

Our customized fertilizers are fine-tuned to the needs of specific soils, helping farmers follow the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship – right fertilizer, right rate, right time, right place – with more precision than ever.

Customized fertilizers are better for the soil, they reduce waste and are more cost-effective. They are also helping to unlock the potential of African agriculture. We’re working with organizations across the continent to increase the availability of these fertilizers, through a network of stakeholders, local governments and local manufacturers.

Our customization process follows four steps:

1. Map the soil

Our mobile labs map local soil quality, to assess the nutrient levels and see what the soil needs

2. Develop the formula

We create a specific fertilizer for the soil, with finely-balanced nutrients for optimum plant growth

3. Produce it locally

We work with local manufacturers to produce the customized fertilizer

4. Teach sustainable methods

We share our knowledge of optimal fertilizer use to prevent pollution and encourage sustainable farming

We work with farmers to understand what they, their soil and their crops need

Flexible production, innovative solutions

Our production system, investment in new technologies and collaboration with local governments have allowed us to produce plant nutrition that can be customized to meet the unique needs of different soils all across the globe.

We work with local blenders to develop our fertilizers, combining our expertise with their area knowledge and infrastructure so that we can collaborate and help the farmers as efficiently as possible. Through localized production, we reduce our impact on the environment, and by working with the local farmers and their communities, we create shared knowledge.

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Our recent progress


increase in maize yield in Ethiopia


new tailor-made formulas introduced in 11 countries


blending units established in Nigeria to help meet demand across the continent


Improving access and technology


Following our success in Nigeria and Ethiopia, OCP is engaged in local projects to establish similar blending units and operations in Rwanda. In Morocco, we have gone a step further, launching a pilot for a ‘smart blender,’ which uses advanced technology to improve the efficiency and precision of the process.

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