The OCP Group welcomes another positive US Court Decision

Further to the OCP Group’s welcoming of the September 14 decision by the US Court of International Trade on our appeal challenging the countervailing duty of 19.97% imposed by the Department of Commerce on imports of fertilizers from Morocco into the United States, OCP also welcomes the Court’s decision of September 19 on our appeal challenging the determination of the US International Trade Commission in support of this duty.

OCP has prevailed on its objections to a key Commission finding that, according to the Court, was “factually unsupported” and yet “undergirds the Commission’s determination across all statutory factors”. OCP looks forward to continuing to cooperate fully with the Commission as it reconsiders its determination on the basis of the Court’s ruling.

We remain strongly committed to supporting US farmers and we look forward to being able once again to serve as a trusted source for reliable supply of crop nutrients which are vital to US agriculture.

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