OCP welcomes growing support for its U.S. fertilizer imports



The OCP Group acknowledges the United States International Trade Commission’s vote to advance with an investigation concerning phosphate fertilizers imported from Morocco, in response to a petition filed by a US producer alleging unfair advantages that supposedly harm domestic producers.  At such an early stage in the process, the Commission’s decision to continue the investigation is extremely common.

OCP continues to closely engage with the relevant US authorities, and is providing a robust response to what we believe to be a flawed petition that would, if successfully brought, harm US farmers.

We are gratified that our many US customers continue to demand and welcome our high-quality products that help American farmers remain amongst the most productive in the world, and a major force in US agricultural and food exports that create and support US jobs. They have made clear to us that they highly value this reliable source of plant nutrients.

We are also pleased that a broad range of voices across the agriculture sector, and a growing number of public officials from farm states, are raising concerns about the potentially damaging impact on US farmers of the countervailing  duties requested  by the US producer, which would have the effect of severely limiting sources of supply.

The OCP Group remains strongly committed to long-term partnership with all its customers in the U.S, and through them, with American farmers.


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