Abdessamad Bensaad

29 Jun 2022

YouCode: Developing skills for our future


As part of OCP Group’s digital transformation, we recognize how important it is to train people in the skills they will need tomorrow.

In this spirit, we created YouCode, a pioneering coding school with two Moroccan campuses at Youssoufia and Safi in partnership with Simplon, a global network of 40 IT schools from Lebanon to Colombia. The schools are called 'factories' to reflect their role in developing the industries of tomorrow.

To maximise impact, our YouCode campuses are located near local communities. For students like Abdessamad Bensaad, passing the challenging five-day admission test can open doors to a brighter future.

Abdessamad felt the existing school curriculum didn’t suit his interests in IT and technology and didn’t allow him to pursue his aspirations. In his small town in eastern Morocco, his dream of specializing in IT seemed farfetched.

When YouCode opened to students in Youssoufia, it gave many young people like Abdessamad a completely new opportunity. They could follow their passions and build marketable skills for high value roles.

Abdessamad Bensaad


“YouCode looked too good to be true, I joined as soon as I could. It allowed me to learn in a completely different way, focusing on my love of IT – I have never looked back” he says.

“I approach my learning with three goals: learn, work hard but also don't forget to have fun. The course helped me build the skills I need to get a job in the IT industry. Last year I secured a job as a junior software consultant in a multinational company and I'm very proud of what I've achieved so far in my career. Education can only be truly effective when you have fun and YouCode ensures that balance and that you aren’t just focused on completing tasks!”

Abdessamad still feels the same optimism as when he first walked through the doors: “I still can’t believe that YouCode is free – it gives us such great opportunities to learn together with the help of great teachers and work with some of the biggest companies in the industry.”

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