OCP Group reduces gas emissions by 98% with new process

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  • The implementation of the Sulfacid process at the Jorf Lasfar and Safi industrial platforms required an overall investment of MAD 550 million and marks a an historical milestoneby reducing gas emissions by 98%.
  • As a part of OCP’s major environmental and operational excellence program, Sulfacid is the resultof a partnership with a multinational corporation specialized in transforming waste gases.
  • The system recovers waste gases and converts them into sulfuric acid, which is reused in the production chain in order to create a circular economy.
  • The implementation of the Sulfacid process, a first in the global sulfuric acid industry, reflects OCP’s strong commitment to protect its ecosystem.

Committed to environmental protection, OCP Group has implemented the Sulfacid process at its Jorf Lasfar and Safi industrial platforms. As an innovative solution for reducing OCP’s environmental footprint, this process provides an ingenious technology to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2 ) emissions. The resulting environmental performance meets the highest standards worldwide.

In Jorf Lasfar, OCP Group has begun the implementation of the Sulfacid process within its two sulfuric acid production lines and the implementation of this system is in the construction phase at the Safi site.

This new process, which can be considered as a first in the sulfuric acid production industry, required an investment of MAD 550 million for OCP Group’s two industrial platforms. The Sulfacid technologymarks a historic shift by reducing gas emissions by 98%.

The implementation of the Sulfacid process is in line with OCP Group’s ambition to be a leader in environmental protection and circular economy. Other innovations and excellence projects are planned.


Innovative technology for the benefit of the planet

This technological achievement is the result of a partnership between OCP Group and the process’s provider, a multinational corporation specialized in the treatment of waste gases. This partnership was reinforced by the expertise of OCP’s teams in terms of sulfuric acid production.

The Sulfacid process, the first technology of its kind worldwide, is specifically adapted to the production of sulfuric acid. The process involves incorporating a supplementary gas scrubbing process designed to remove SO2 . The system recovers the gas emitted by the contact unit and converts it into sulfuric acid (H2 SO4 ), which is reused in the production chain to create a circular economy.

This process marks an historical milestone in terms of a reduction in SO2 emissions from roughly 600 ppm to less than 15 ppm (i.e. a 98% reduction).

As a responsible and global leader, OCP has two ambitions: to meet the world’s agricultural needs in a decisive way and to protect the environment. Aware of the new opportunities for the phosphate industry provided the sustainable development, the Group chose to integrate environmental issues at every level of its activities.


About OCP Group

OCP is the world’s largest producer and exporter of phosphate in all its forms, backed by almost a century of production history. OCP has exclusive access to the world’s largest phosphate rock reserve base. It is one of the lowest cost producers of phosphate rock in the industry and has become a leading player in production and trade volumes across the phosphate value chain. OCP employs approximately 21,000 people and contributes to regional development through its mining and fertilizer operations, and through its sustainability program

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