EMAPHOS launches a new unit to be double its production capacity

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  • The new plant will enable its partners to consolidate their leadership in the production of Purified Wet Process phosphoric acid.
  • This capacity increase is intended to respond to changes in the world market for purified phosphoric acid.
  • This project is part of the strategy for downstream integration towards products with higher added value.
  • The project aims for an overall annual production of 280,000 tons by 2022.


Jorf Lasfar, 11 August, 2020 - OCP Group and its German and Belgian partners, Budenheim and Prayon, are launching the building of a new plant for the production of purified phosphoric acid, through their subsidiary Euro Maroc Phosphore (EMAPHOS). This new plant will double EMAPHOS 'annual production capacity, going from 140,000 T P2 O5 / year to 280,000 T P2 O5 / year from the 4th quarter of 2022. 

This project is part of OCP Group's and its partners strategy to establish their world leadership in the production of Purified Wet Process phosphoric acid, a technology recognized as BAT (Best Available Technique) in terms of CO2 emissions. It will thus make it possible to respond to the developments in the world market for purified phosphoric acid intended for specialized uses.

This capacity doubling will also make available to OCP Group a part of capacity for producing, in the future, niche products based on purified acid, thereby strengthening the Group's status as a global producer of specialty phosphate products.

Given its location within the Jorf Lasfar platform, this project will benefit from major synergies and economies of scale thanks to its direct access to the infrastructures, shared services and raw materials made available to it by OCP within this platform.

Beyond these economic advantages, this new plant will rely on and capitalize on the expertise and know-how developed over more than two decades by the technical staff of EMAPHOS.

After the completion of the basic engineering studies in March 2020, the project is now at the stage of detailed studies. Equipment with a long manufacturing lead-time will be ordered from the 3rd quarter of 2020 and the start of construction works is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2021.



EMAPHOS is a subsidiary of the OCP Group in Joint Venture with Budenheim (German company) and Prayon (Belgian company and 50% subsidiary of the OCP Group). It specializes in the production of Purified Phosphoric Acid, a product with higher added value, located in the production chain downstream from normal merchant phosphoric acid. The level of purification of the acid produced at EMAPHOS gives it international approval and certification for specialized use.


About Budenheim

Budenheim is a German company specializing in high added value products based on phosphates with applications in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Budenheim is a subsidiary of the multinational group, of German origin, Oetker employing a workforce of 34,000 with a turnover of 7.4 billion euros in 2019.


About Prayon

Prayon, a Belgian subsidiary of the OCP Group in equal parts with the “Société Régionale d'Investissement de Wallonie” (SRIW), is a world leader in the phosphate sector, also specializing in high value-added products intended for food, fertilizers and other industrial applications. This group employs a workforce of 1,139 through its industrial sites based in Europe and the United States. It achieved a turnover of 731.5 Million Euros in 2019.


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