New initiative to encourage local engagement with farmers

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  • With the launch of Act4Farmers, OCP Group is strengthening its Act4Community program, a corporate volunteering initiative dedicated to serving farmers.
  • « Act4Farmers » was launched with the mobilization of the “Al Moutmir li khadamat al qorb” outreach initiative, which stops at Khouribga from October 9 to 11, 2018.
  • Al Moutmir makes its agronomic knowledge, the expertise of its team of agronomists, and a range of educational tools available to its volunteers in order to better support farmers.

Khouribga, October 9, 2018 - OCP is strengthening its « Act4Community » program by launching « Act4Farmers », a corporate volunteering initiative dedicated to serving farmers, in parallel with the “Al Moutmir Li Khadamat Al Qorb” initiative, which is stopping in Khouribga from October 9 to 11.

« Act4Farmers » is an initiative aimed at capitalizing on the « Al Moutmir » program’s efforts by mobilizing OCP employees in the context of Act4Community, all with the objective of sustainably impacting the development of the local agricultural ecosystem. The idea is to build the capacity of OCP employees so that they are well equipped to support and even initiate new regional development initiatives having to with agriculture that create value and jobs. The mobilized resources include an agronomic reference system for key crops, mobile soil analysis laboratories, an adapted training offering, and several knowledge popularization tools.

The Act4Community program is a responsible initiative that encourages OCP employees to engage in social projects for the benefit of communities. It was launched in July of 2017.

The « Al Moutmir Li Khadamat Al Qorb » initiative is an important part of OCP Group’s commitment to the development of Morocco’s agricultural sector. For the 2018-2019 crop year, this outreach initiative includes targeted actions in nearly 28 provinces aimed at providing diversified support to farmers. Focused on the farmer as a real agent of change, the initiative relies on the scientific approach as a key driver of prosperous and sustainable agriculture.

« Al Moutmir Li Khadamat Al Qorb » is supported by a team of agronomists in charge of regional commercial development aimed at promoting the use of adapted fertilizers as part of high-quality technical operations. The team is based in different Moroccan provinces and works with farmers on a daily basis, providing agricultural training and demonstrations, as well as monitoring and support. They offer customized and tailor-made support to farmers in the regions in which they operate, based on the product offering that is available in Morocco through OCP Group’s manufacturing and distribution partners. As part of this dynamic, provincial meetings began on September 25th. They touched on more than 28 stops focused on the cultivation of cereal and leguminous crops, olive trees, and fresh produce.


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