A sustainability strategy around 17 SDGs

The SDGs, imbedded in OCP Group’s sustainability strategy.

The SDGs, imbedded in OCP Group’s sustainability strategy.


OCP Group is a custodian to the majority of phosphate resources worldwide. As one of the biggest actors who contributes to food security, we understand that we have a great responsibility, and therefore the obligation to conduct our business in the most sustainable way.

OCP Group understood this long ago. Today, the group is a major economic, social and environmental actor, 3 qualifiers for the 3 pillars of Sustainability, later defined the plan of action of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals came in and strengthened the sustainability strategy of OCP Group while helping redefine our targets.

In response to these global challenges, OCP Group first conducted a risk and opportunity analysis of our contribution to the SDGs within our value chain.



This analysis performed in partnership with internal and external stakeholders identified priority issues and areas for the Group’s sustainable development strategy. For more information on how OCP Group turns priority issues into opportunities for positive action towards the SDGs consult our Sustainability report, p. 32-35


The role of the Sustainability Platform:

The Sustainability Platform monitors and anchors sustainability goals within the business




Our sustainability framework


OCP Group welcomes the SDGs and believes we have an important role to play in supporting their achievement. All the SDGs are relevant to OCP Group. Nonetheless, we believe our greatest contribution and impact can be expressed through the following SDGs:

2 4 8 11 12 13


For more information on contribution and commitments, please consult OCP Group's Policies and Sustainability reporting

Our goal for the coming years is to continue and deepen these commitments. This report [OCP Group’s Sustainability Report] shows both the major milestones achieved and the distance we have yet to travel in order to reach our objectives and maximize our contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030


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