Sustainable solutions: OCP and Fraunhofer create a lab dedicated to Africa

The OCP Group, the Mohammed VI Polytechnique University and Fraunhofer IMWS – Institute for Microstructue of Materials and Systems – based in Germany, signed in March a strategic partnership for the promotion of sustainable industrial solutions. That is how the three partners created the “Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab”, a world-class laboratory based in the Urban Pole of Mazagan (PUMA).

As a result of the Memorandum of Understanding between the OCP Group and the Fraunhofer IMWS signed in July 2018, this platform reinforces the research and innovation ecosystem initiated par the Mohammed VI Polytechnique University. The lab will thus capitalize on the research studies by helping them evolve to the stage of applied research with the help of pilot program before their industrialization on a large scale.

“The research and innovation ecosystem, currently developed by the Mohammed VI Polytechnique University, is reinforced by this first Excellency Center. The Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab has as an ambition to develop industrial solutions and the execution of innovative circular economy projects for Africa with the support of our German partners” M. Mostafa Terrab, PDG of OCP Group.

With the ambitious development goals of the Group and the need for the continent’s industrial emancipation, the Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab will need to reach its cruising speed to catch the development of sustainable solutions for the industry in general and the fertilizers industry in particular.

“We are glad to support our partners in Morocco in innovative activities. During our visit, we discussed various projects that will be tested in a pilot plant. I expect that this combined work starts rapidly, activating a long-term and successful cooperation, through which we will be able to acquire new knowledge on the potential of 4.0 chemistry and, in particular, on new opportunities available to engineering businesses in Germany” Professor Ralf B Wherspohn, Director of Fraunhofer IMWS.

The partners entrust the Green Energy Park (GEP) and to Fraunhofer IMWS with the execution of the first pilot for the production of hydrogen and ammoniac to Africa. It will be the first Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab project.


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