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OCP is fully aware of the environmental and sustainability issues inherent to its mission

Nearly 100 years of history have made OCP Group the world leader in the market for phosphates and its derivatives. Present across the entire value chain, our Group is fully committed to serving global food security. To achieve this, OCP Group is capitalizing today on its solid fundamentals and operational excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow and explore new sources of growth. Also, and faced with an ever-changing environment, our main competitive advantage lies in the expertise, skills, commitment and deep attachment to the mission of the Group of our women and men.

Convinced that each one of our associates contributes durably to our collective performance, our leaders are committed to helping everyone grow in a learning environment, which in turn creates favorable conditions for the engagement of all.

Our talents, supported by strong and shared values, act closely with our ecosystem for a co-creation of value, thus working to meet the challenges of the Group on a daily basis.

Our mission today is to support these talents to grow and flourish within the OCP Group, and within the community.

  • 1. Compensation & Benefits
  • 2. Social Dialogue
  • 3. Retirement

We are a company with a strong history, driven by a vision, common and shared values, and a culture of excellence and customer service.

We are a global company, rich in its diversity, which promotes distributed leadership at all levels, through freeing up people’s energy, humility, exemplarity and the right to make mistakes.

Our goal is to build an agile and innovative company, which reinvents every day new ways of working, and where collective intelligence is at the heart of our transformation.

Our ambition is to be a company of learners globally recognized for its talents, which are continuously developing in an innovative and agile environment, fully committed to maximize the positive impact on people and communities. Enabling the learning and progression of all associates through accessible and diversified development opportunities and improving engagement for all associates to create cohesion and collective intelligence is our priority.

Our commitment is to allow any employee to develop and progress in the organization as soon as they are hired and enrolled in a perspective of lifelong learning.

We promote a healthy and fair work environment where diversity and well-being are valued.

We unleash associates’ potential and energy through 4 user-centric journeys :



The OCP Group promotes an attractive and fair compensation & benefits “C&B” policy based on adequate recognition and appreciation of the performance and potential of each employee. As one of the largest employers in Morocco, OCP Group strives to be exemplary in terms of C&B policy.

The C&B policy is continuously monitored in line with the relevant market benchmarks to ensure the group's competitiveness and implement guidelines ensuring internal and external equity.

The OCP Group’s C&B policy is structured around three main components with distinct, objective and transparent criteria to ensure fairness:

  • A Based compensation each employee receives compensation based on the key area of responsibility, profile and market conditions
  • A variable compensation made up of bonuses and incentives linked to individual and collective performance
  • A range of diversified social advantages and social security benefits are also ensured to strengthen the employee's commitment and well-being


Aware of the impact that operational development can have on employees, OCP Group ensures that dialogue occurs to reach consensus during any significant operational change related to its activities.

OCP Group and its social partners have a solid contractual framework, through the Social Charter, which defines the principles, rules, and obligations related to social dialogue. The charter puts in place the very best standards of trade union rights.

OCP Group has signed the Social Charter with the Trade Unions to recognize the importance of effective consultation, participation and engagement with employees and workers’ representatives to ensure social peace.

All of the Group's employees at national and international level are affiliated to viable retirement plans.

The Plan provides employees with :

  • a life annuity
  • early retirement options;
  • survivor benefits for eligible spouse and children.

For OCP SA & Phosboucraa the Group is committed to provide sustainable and attractive retirement benefits for all its associates and actual retirees.

OCP Group is affiliated to the Régime Collectif d’Allocation de Retraite « RCAR », a pension scheme, viable and ensured by the State, as a mandatory basic scheme for all of its associates in order to provide them with lasting pensions after their retirement.

Indeed, it is offered by a trusted third party and historic operator in the management of provident funds and retirement plans, the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion.

Associates can also optionally subscribe to the complementary retirement plan « RECORE » managed by the CNRA.

The Group provides a certain level of benefits to its retired employees in respect of all post-employment benefits, which includes medical coverage for the retirees, families or beneficiaries.

OCP Group believes it is important for associates to take an active role in planning for retirement, and offers a broad range of tools and resources accessible through the associate internal portal MyOCP.

Community Engagement

At OCP Group we strive to keep the balance between the concerns of local communities and the desire for economic development. Our activities produce direct and  indirect benefits for communities.

An essential mean is to set up an inclusive approach of Co-construction and proximity with local actors, population, and other stakeholders, thus generating initiatives that create sustainable value for all. These initiatives include   end-to-end support for projects and initiatives carried out by local communities.

The group's community engagement is articulated through three main vehicles:


The success of our business comes from the people who work for us. Protecting the health and safety of our employees and all of those who work on our sites is an absolute priority. Our Group has an ambition to become a worldwide reference in terms of health and safety at work to reach a sound health and safety culture with a single ambition: Zero accidents and zero occupational diseases.
We believe all incidents are preventable.

To achieve this ambition, the Group integrates Health and Safety processes into day to day managerial practices at all levels and into healthy and safe working conditions. The compliance with health, safety, and wellbeing at work requirements are ensured by our HSE specialists in collaboration with our DuPont OCP Operations Consulting joint venture, our occupational health doctors and our well-being specialists.
OCP Group provides health and safety training for employees to enable them to meet the required standards of performance.

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

As a global company, OCP Group is committed to create an inclusive work environment that allows all of its employees to express their full potential, regardless of their differences, without discrimination of any kind, including gender including pregnancy, disability, age, academic profile, culture, religion and nationality and any other characteristics protected by applicable laws and regulations.

OCP Group's ambition and vision is to consolidate its position as socially responsible company.

Therefore and in order to bring concrete measures to the major challenges for the coming decades, the OCP Group relies on the know-how and commitment of   more than 23,000 employees throughout the world.

OCP Group is committed to diversity and the elimination of all forms of discrimination, by:

  • Respecting the principle of non-discrimination in all stages of the employee's professional career
  • Putting in place mechanisms for diversity and inclusion
  • Raise managers and employees awareness to the challenges of diversity and inclusion
  • Communicating to its employees and its ecosystem its commitment to non-discrimination and diversity
  • 1. OCP Foundation
  • 2. Lycée d’Excellence (LYDEX)
  • 3. UM6P
  • 4. Phosboucraa Fondation
  • 5. IPSE

We want to enable the development and progress of all associates through accessible and diversified development opportunities.

This development is reflected in the commitment of all associates, creating a sense of cohesion and developing a collective intelligence at the service of our employees.


Aware of the role played by education in the development of populations and in order to provide them with access to quality education, the OCP Foundation has implemented several projects to improve school conditions in public institutions.

In an inclusive approach, the Foundation has developed a model of high-quality educational provision based on the student's ecosystem, which encourages pre-school education and integrates the cultural dimension into learning.

"The programs and actions of the OCP Foundation provide a concrete response to the issue of education, by promoting access to education for the majority, supporting excellence and encouraging the exchange of skills".


Located in the heart of the Green City Mohammed VI of Ben Guerir, LYDEX is a private scientific and technological establishment of excellence supported by OCP Group. LYDEX promotes education of excellency in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, of professional Training, of higher Education and scientific Research. 

LYDEX has an integrated campus and provides preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles in the scientific and technological fields as well as classes for the Secondary school level since its opening in 2015.

Admission is open to all high-potential secondary school students across Morocco and is based on a screening process that takes into account academic, social and gender criteria.


Founded by OCP Group and located in the city of Benguerir, near Marrakech, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aims to shine on the national, continental and international scale. 

More than a traditional academic institution, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is a platform for experimentation, a source of opportunities, which students use to suitably call "The school of life".

Committed to shaping the future leadership of the continent, UM6P mobilizes the best researchers in all fields of sustainable development, mining and agricultural sciences, and deploys more than 270 research programs through partnerships with Moroccan and international universities.

Among the institutions with which the University has initiated collaborations :

  • Polytechnic Engineering School, France
  • HEC Paris, France
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Columbia Business School, USA


The Phosboucraa Foundation is one of the foundations of the OCP Group which aims at promoting social inclusion at all levels through the organization of cultural, sports, environmental and educational events.

In order to meet its ambition, which is the educational and entrepreneurial anchoring of the southern regions, the Foundation has developed two learning centers: (i) Laayoune Learning Center and (ii) Dakhla Learning Center. 

These centers offer multidisciplinary training to young people and business leaders. Their purpose is to encourage socio-economic integration and sustainable development in the region where they are located.
In order to forge sustainable partnerships, the Foundation works with local groups such as universities, professional training schools etc.

The main mission of these learning centers is to support local development through :

  • The development of talent and skills 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • The development of non-governmental organizations in the southern regions
  • Social and digital inclusion


Created by OCP Group in 1974, the mission of the association "Institut de Promotion Socio-Educative" (IPSE) is to ensure an excellent education based on innovative educational concepts for the children of OCP employees at the pre-school, primary and secondary levels. 

The IPSE wishes to set up an inclusive program for high-potential students from a disadvantaged or modest social background by assuming the full cost of their schooling.

Key figures :

  • 19,000 students spread over 34 schools with a target of 32,000 students by 2025
  • 33 partnerships signed with renowned academic institutions



The OCP Group is a company of learners, recognized for its talents, which are continuously developing in an innovative and agile environment.

Our associates are the masters of their development by getting involved in learning journeys, skill development, innovation projects and community engagement. To do so, we encourage them to adopt a « life-long learner » stance and acquire new skills through a diversified and multi-channel training offer.

The Group instill a « startup mentality » in the organization to shake up internal silos and stimulate bottom-up innovation.

To achieve these objectives, OCP Group provides several learning devices such as :

  • The Learning Institute:
  • Industrial Expertise Centers (IEC)
  • UM6P, the research and innovation powerhouse of the Group
  • OCP Professors ,
  • Sustainability learning programs,
  • KAFAATI  Program
  • A digital Learning Management System  & e-learning space, MyDev
  • The “Movement” 

Ultimately, we have created many innovative and accessible programs offering everyone a training course that is unique and tailored to their needs.


This approach is aligned with the following SDGs:

This approach is aligned with the following SDGs


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