Phosboucraa foundation strengthens women’s leadership in Southern Regions

  • Women represent 60% of the beneficiaries from the Foundation’s training centers in Dakhla.
  • They represent 64% of the beneficiaries from the socio-economic development programs. Most of them are organized cooperatives or associations.
  • Skills development, socio-economic development, education, sports… the fields of intervention are numerous in favor of Sahraoui women.

Created in 2014, the Phosboucraa Foundation holds the social and societal commitment of OCP Group and its subsidiary Phosboucraa in the Southern Regions. Its mission consists of contributing to the socio-economic development of its territories by adopting an active and continuous inclusion policy where Sahraoui women play an important role.

By relying on some essential key elements to the success of its territorial development strategies, like the betterment of the beneficiaries’ skills and the enhancement of local resources and patrimonies for instance, the Phosboucraa Foundation launches programs that promote the synergy between the economy, the culture, the environment… Its approach to support community capacity converges towards the empowerment of women.

To make numbers speak for themselves, 60% of the beneficiaries from the Foundation’s centers are women, the majority is enrolled in life skills development programs or vocational training such as photography or graphic design, or civic action.

This number reaches 64% in socio-economic development programs. Gathered in cooperatives or associations for the most part, these women engage easily both in income-generating activities and ones that support the community.

Because the development of a society can simply not be achieved without women, the Phosboucraa Foundation established, in its center in Laayoune (Laayoune Learning Center), a program that is 100% dedicated to women. Since 2016, Laayoune Learning Center has empowered 310 women through the “Women Innovation Circle” program. This program targets housewives and concerns the transmission of skills in the fields of nutrition, budget management and digitalization. The goal is to contribute in making these women actors of change inside their families at first, and in the society at a later stage.

Another program that converges towards empowerment and leadership reinforcement for women is the competitor JEB. It is a training module that consists of initiating the youth to entrepreneurship that attracts the majority of young women participating. Many are signing up for this module to be initiated to enterprise creation.

In addition to discovering how to grow a business idea, they also acquire pertinent skills such as critical thinking, decision making and team work, all necessary for social integration.

Education is not being left behind. In fact, the Foundation operates through different programs to reduce the gap of inequalities and favor the success of young girls. Their majority is part of the Qrayti Ahssane program against dropping out of school. 42 students benefit from the scholarships of the Phosboucraa Foundation as they benefit fully from the scientific scholarships program. The 5 scholarships destined to medical students go solely to girls and cover all expenses during the entire 7 years of medical school.

Lastly, sports constitute another focus area of the Foundation. Since 2017, in partnership with the association Lagon Dakhla, emancipation and social ascension workshops reached more than 300 women. The initiative, part of the “sports, solidarity for all”, contributes to transmitting civic values, respecting the environment, and solidarity.


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